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Chakras are vital energy centers responsible for balance at all levels of being.

These centers were named because of the circular shape to the spinning energy point which exists in our subtle body. These energenic centers represent the seven main chakras within each of us: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye and Crown. The openness and flow of energy through our chakras determines our state of health and well being. Hatha Yoga poses evolved as vehicles for opening and balancing the chakras. Each chakra opens us up to a different dimension of our being.

To balance the chakras you must be clear about the condition of the individual chakra and interpret them in terms of energy flow through these wheels of light.

State Description
  • Chakra is functioning as intended, showing healthy input and output of energy.
  • The person will be fit and healthy.
  • Their mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies wil be vibrant as well.
  • The particular chakra in question needs stimulation of some type possibly to cope with adverse conditions in the physical body or energy field.
Passive balanced
  • Energies of the chakra are either at rest or in a harmonious balance of input and output.
  • Energies of the chakra are either at rest or in a harmonious balance of input and output.
  • Analyzing what is happening with your chakras can be a powerful way of tuning into your mind, body and spirit.
  • Observe which chakra reacts noticeably when you are in a stressful situation.
  • Maybe you have recurring problems or illnesses. Ask yourself if you are going backward instead of forward in your life.

Connecting with nature and with your body

When you are distanced from healthy food, air and water a separation begins that damages or cuts the central line of energy resulting in disharmony.

Happiness comes from within not from your surroundings. If your actions are undesireable, get to the root of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to achive maximum happiness.

The Crown Chakra

Head stand / corpse pose

I know

Self knowledge

Color Element Sense Mantra
Light Violet Consciousness All Senses Silence
State Symptoms
  • Reaping fruits of spiritual attainment before you have learned how to plant, water and grow.
  • Inability to think clearly during stressful situations
  • I honor my body as a temple of my soul.
  • I am love. I am joy. I am freedom. I am peace.
  • I am complete and one with the divine energy.
  • I am peaceful, whole and balanced.
Third Eye Chakra

Thunderbolt / down dog pose

I see

Self reflection

Color Element Sense Mantra
Bluish-purple Spirit Extra Sensory OM
State Symptoms
  • Experience nightmares
  • Trouble visualizing and organizing your life
  • I am passionate, powerful and productive.
  • I am guided by my inner wisdom.
  • I am connected with my highest truth.
  • I am at all times safe, loved, guided and protected.
Throat Chakra

Plow / fish pose

I speak

Self expression

Color Element Sense Mantra
Turquoise Ether Hearing HAM (hum)
State Symptoms
  • Speak before you think some times in a harmful manner
  • Unable to speak the truth
  • Stutter and shaking speech
  • I easily speak my truth. I easily express myself.
  • I own my power and feel fully alive.
  • I am calm, confident and centered.
  • I trust my life is unfolding exactly as it should.
Heart Chakra

Camel / cobra pose

I love

Self acceptance

Color Element Sense Mantra
Green Air Touch YAM (yum)
State Symptoms
  • Pulse races; redden during stressful situations
  • Weak heart, heart missed a beat
  • I love and accept myself as I am.
  • I deserve love, health, happiness and prosperity.
  • I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.
  • I feel stronger, more alive and energized each day.
Solar Plexus Chakra

Warrior / bow pose

I act

Self definition

Color Element Sense Mantra
Yellow Fire Sight RAM (rum)
State Symptoms
  • Domineering / "control freak"
  • Feeling of powerlessness
  • Under pressure
  • "Queasy" stomach
  • I am enough and what I do is enough.
  • I love myself. I value myself. I trust myself.
  • I am a powerful, radiant, magificent being of light.
  • I permit myself to fully enjoy everything I do.
Sacral Chakra

Dancer / Child's pose

I feel


Color Element Sense Mantra
Orange Water Taste VAM (vum)
State Symptoms
  • Tears of frustration
  • No feeling of joy in life
  • I forgive the past and embrace my life fully.
  • I realize all of the goodness that surrounds me.
  • I am creative and strong. I am capable.
  • I listen to my inner truth. I honor and care for myself.
Root Chakra

Mountain / bridge pose

I am

Self preservation

Color Element Sense Mantra
Red Earth Smell LAM (lum)
State Symptoms
  • Anger, explosive at the slightest provocation
  • Not strong
  • Unhappy with your body shape and size
  • Not in control of your life
  • I am fully grounded and supported.
  • I joyfully nourish my mind, body and spirit.
  • I have enough. I know enough. I am enough.
  • I accept that good health is my natural state.


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